Things to look at when buying a patio heater

patio heaters

There is a group of people who love to spend time outdoors. When at home, they will prefer to spend time in the backyard, patio or lawn. This is the group who will want to watch the sunset and spend quality time with family outdoors. During winter, the patio might not be the best places to spend time in. But thanks to patio heaters because they provide the needed heat to outdoor lovers. Even winter cannot stop them. If you are planning to buy a patio heater, this article will be of great help. We will discuss some of the things to look at before buying one. Read on.


patio heaterWhile figuring out the type of patio heater you want to buy, it is important to compare your needs and its utility. If let us take, for example, you want to buy a heater for your restaurant; you want one to provide warmth to your business, a combination of electrical commercial heater and propane will be a good selection. I would recommend heaters with automatic shut off feature managed by time, heat or maximum tilt angle. Such ensures safety. Cases of overheating will never occur.


Buyers are majorly confused between gas operated heaters or other options in the market. Look here; it does not matter the kind of heater you buy, whether propane, electrical or natural gas powered, all that matters are your needs. With a list of your needs, you will be able to get exactly what you want.


If you want to save on space, or if you want to feel the warmth from another area without losing heat in the yard, a patio heater serves the purpose conveniently. It is easy to handle and space saving. Your yard will be kept warm and comfortable even on those chilly winter nights.


patio heaterYes, you should concentrate on the efficiency and size of the haters, but safety should come first. The safety of your house, loved ones and environment are key. Before any other decision, make sure that the heater you are buying is safe. All the above can only be achieved, if only you buy a heater from trusted and reputable stores. Research online and ask for recommendations from friends and family for the stores selling the best patio heaters.

How to make your home child-friendly

baby safety

Toddlers are a blessing; they act a source of happiness and joy. But they are prone to accidents. At the age where they are learning to walk and explore anything could happen to them. They are not aware of the risks or dangers or what could harm them. It is, therefore, your responsibility as a parent, guardian or caregiver to look after the children. Try as much as you can to make your home baby friendly. This article will discuss some of the common areas of accident at home and how to make them safe for the baby. Read on.


This should be the first place to inspect. There is no excuse for being careless with the stairs. Not only children but adults get accidents on the stairs as well. It is unfortunate to say those staircase accidents are serious. Below are ways to keep the stairs safe:

  • staircasePlace anti-slip mats on each floor
  • Teach your children stair safety
  • Adding a soft rubber at the end of the stairs to reduce injury in case of falls
  • Add a non-slip grip on the stair handles.

Electricity outlets

We cannot do without electricity, but it must never come into contact with human skin. Adults are aware of the risks of poking their hands in the sockets or other power outlets, but your little ones are not aware. Electrocution is a leading cause of child death and accidents. You must make sure that your electric outlets are safe. Below are some of the ways to keep your power outlets safe:

  • Installing power outlet covers
  • Transferring your outlets to higher areas where they cannot reach
  • Covering power outlets with furniture.


This is another dangerous place for both adults and kids. Soapy wet floors reduce friction hence increase the possibilities of falling. I could say, avoid wetting the bathroom, but it might not be possible. Below are some ways to keep the bathroom area safe:

  • bathroomPlace anti-slip or rubber mats on the floor
  • Change tiles to anti-slip ones
  • Add soft cushions on the sink and toilet corners to reduce injurers in case one falls.
  • The soap must be securely stored in a tray such that it cannot fall and cause accidents.


This where you cook and prepare your meals. Children should not be allowed in the kitchen. At times they will sneak in and play with whatever they meet on the way. Be it knives, folks, they do not care. Apply the following to keep your kitchen safe:

  • Knives and any other sharp objects should be placed in high places, out of their reach.
  • The oven must have child safety measures, such that it cannot open.