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concrete surface

It is very difficult to complete a decorative concrete installation without applying a concrete sealer. This layer of protection is added to extend the life of concrete as well as preserving its appearance. To obtain a great perk, you should choose the most suitable sealers for your job and Seal with Ease. There are different types of sealers on the market today. There is no sealer which is perfect for all jobs/project. You should be very careful when choosing this product, choosing the wrong product can ruin your decorative concrete installation.

Benefits of Using a Concrete Sealer

concrete surface

  • Enhancing the colour intensity and appearance of concrete
  • Inhibiting dusting
  • Protecting concrete against wear and abrasion
  • To block the penetration of chemicals, stains, dirt, grease, and oil.
  • To prevent the intrusion of chlorides and water

These sealers can be used in walkways, pool decks, concrete patios, masonry surfaces, driveways, retaining walls and other concrete blocks.

Types of Concrete Sealers

Basically, there are two types of concrete sealers. These include:
Wet-look solvent-based sealers– These products are helpful in protecting concrete, rejuvenating and sealing concrete surfaces from abrasion, stain damage, water, UV rays, and chemicals. It is available in high-gloss and durable low finishes. They are perfect for driving surfaces and other external applications.
Natural-Look, Water-Based Sealers– they are designed to provide UV protection and preventing water damage in non-yellowing Formulations. These products are available in satin and durable matte finishes. They are known for offering easy cleanup and application.

Amount of Sealer Needed

You should on the amount of sealer needed after choosing the right sealer. In general, square footage is used in calculating the sealer’s average rates. The amount needed is calculated by dividing the project’s square footage by the recommended coverage rate.


The product used should be compatible with the decorative surface being treated. You should always check the manufacturer’s instructions to find out if the product is compatible with your decorative surface. Some sealers are known for interacting with coloring agents and overlays. This is an effect that can results in side effects such as bubbling, bleeding or blistering of color. Individuals who are planning to apply sealers to a topping or overlay are advised to check the manufactures recommendations to get the most suitable products for their projects.

Applications Instructions

The product should be stirred thoroughly during ad before application. However, care should be taken not to whip air into it. It is applied with an airless sprayer, roller or brush. Avoid overapplying. You should have a minimum of two layers or coat. Excess sealer should be removed when spraying to obtain an even finish. You should maintain a time difference of about twelve hours before you apply the second coat.

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