By | 2020-08-16
bedside table with lampstand

Selecting bedside tables can is just like picking a dish for your food. It needs to work in harmony with the bed, compliment your style, and serve its practical function. If you choose the right bedside table, it will work with the decoration, lighting, and other bedroom furniture.

Take Note of the Height

Regardless of your bedroom’s size or style, having your bedside table at the right height will make a significant difference. The table should not be higher than the top of the mattress. Creating a straight line from your bedside table to the bed will make it easy to reach for something at night. Whatever the case, do not have the bedside table too low or too high as this will inconvenience you or even cause accidents. Adding an area rug below the table can help adjust the height.bedside table

Check the Storage

The other aspect of a bedside table, which is by far the most important is storage. Before getting distracted by the drawers and doors, it is important to consider the table’s surface. That is where you will be putting your night-time essentials, so you need to think about how much space you require. If your bedside lamp is large or you want to display decorative items by the bed, you may consider a table with a bigger surface.

Next, you need to look at the inside of the table. If you want to find a place for storing your underwear, socks, or small items, bedside tables with drawers are the best. They will give you plenty of room for storing such stuff.bedside table in bedroom

Consider the Color

You do not have a reason to invest in a bedside table if you do not want to show it off. Selecting bedside tables similar to your furniture in color will mute the furniture. It is advisable to add a pop of color. Go for shades that compliment your space instead of blending into them. Colors that are a few tones lighter or darker than the room’s paintwork will make the bedside table an attractive, eye-catching addition that does not dominate the space.

You can also opt to match your bedside table with material accents of the bedroom, such as wood, for instance, or your blinds or curtains’ color.

Compliment your D├ęcor

Whereas style is all about personal choice and preference, there are some things that you can consider to make the bedroom aesthetically pleasing. For instance, a contemporary look focuses on straight clean lines and minimal embellishments. Glass, metal, and chrome bedside tables will easily do this trick.bedroom with bedside tables

You should consider investing in bedside tables with rustic accents if you want a heritage feel. These perfectly blur the line between country-style and contemporary furniture.

Choosing the right bedside table can be a daunting task if you do not know what you want. You can make use of this guide to get the best bedside table for your bedroom.