By | 2020-01-16
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Bringing your kids to McDonald’s, KFC, or Jollibee on once-in-awhile is a way to bond with your whole family. But to go there every time they ask for their favorite fried chicken and French fries may hurt your budget, and you may not have all the time to bring them there.

When buying a deep fryer, it helps immensely if you consider the following features before taking one home for your kitchen.

French friesOil Volume

The volume of oil that the fryer can contain signifies the capacity of your fryer. When cooking fried chicken legs, the volume of oil will determine the number of chicken legs that can be cooked at the same time. If your house occasionally holds large parties, a big deep fryer is truly a must to have. Surely, you will be time-consuming when using smaller fryers. To be able to rest and have time to prepare yourself before the party begins, it is about time to invest in some kitchen appliances that make cooking more efficient and time-saving.


If you are looking for an electric-powered deep fryer, it is essential to look for the wattage. Ideal wattage for deep fryers should range from 800 to 1500 watts. The higher the wattage, the higher temperatures it can reach at a speedier time.

Deep frying can be very tedious and time-consuming. To be able to cook all the food that you intend to prepare for a party, using a deep fryer with 1500 watts is the best alternative.

Add-on Features

Buying some brands may mean you are taking home only the deep fryer and nothing more while other brands entitle you to some giveaways, which are vital in your frying tasks. Free food baskets, turners and other giveaways will let you save on money.

Other features of an excellent deep fryer include a safety timer, odor-reducing lid, and an adjustable thermoregulator.

kitchen applianceDurability

Fryers are kitchen devices that must have to withstand beatings. Aside from having to tolerate high temperatures, they may also be subjected to falls. Fryers should be durable enough from its body to the handle. Its food baskets should also be made from materials that are also durable.

Affordability may also play a role in a buyer’s decision on what brand shall he buy, but if the quality is compromised, buying the deep fryer that suits your needs in a superior manner should be the better option.